Let’s Get Started

This process can be completed on-line and email exclusively with no interaction with Brett Gilman, or by phone (preferred) and/or video conference (zoom), as detailed below, client chooses. Here is how the process works.

  1. Client completes as much as possible of the ‘Intake Form’ and submits it on-line.
  2. Client makes one-half of the total payment.  Feel free to contact Brett Gilman by phone before making the first payment.
  3. Brett Gilman will review the intake sheet and contact client(s) by phone for additional information and/or clarification if needed before beginning.
  4. Brett Gilman will complete the estate plan.  This process typically includes multiple communications from Brett Gilman to client to ensure accuracy.
  5. Client makes the final one-half payment.
  6. Client to review all documents.  Once the estate plan is completed by Brett Gilman, the documents will be emailed (or USPS mailed) to client with an explanation and highlighting of the sections for client to review for each document.  Brett Gilman will focus client on the language that is unique to the client’s estate plan. 
  7. Client to complete creation of the estate plan by signing and notarizing the estate plan.  This is the responsibility of client.  Once the estate plan has been reviewed and is acceptable, it will need to be printed and signed in the presence of a notary.  Once the documents have been signed in the presence of a notary, the estate plan has been created.
  8. Once the trust and deed(s) have been notarized, the deed(s) must be recorded at the County Recorder’s Office.  This is the responsibility of the client.
  9. Once the above has been completed, your estate plan has been completed.
  10. Brett Gilman requests that client scan and email a copy of the complete estate plan to him for his client file.
    Intake Form and Payment

Contact Information

On-line and by Phone/Zoom only

Phone: (530) 343-4318
Email: lawyerbrett@gmail.com