My objective is to provide a complete customized estate plan, drafted by an experienced attorney, completely by phone, on-line, and/or virtually, at an affordable fee. 

The ‘Standard Package’ fee for a complete estate plan for an individual is $1,000, and for a married couple/domestic partners is $1,500. 

The ‘Standard Package’ and the services provided here, are for estates with a value of $0 – $10,000,000.

The ‘Standard Package’ includes the following items.  Those with a (2) indicates one document each for a married/partner couple.

  • Revocable Trust.
  • Will (2).
  • Durable Power of Attorney For Property Management (2).
  • Advanced Heath Care Directive (2).
  • One deed and Preliminary Change of Ownership for California real property (Additional California deeds are $100 each).
  • Certificate of Trust.
  • Declaration of Trust Ownership of Personal Property.
  • Comprehensive Transfer Document.

The Standard Package does not include notary and recording fees, which are the responsibility of the client.

The following ‘A la Carte’ services are also available at the prices quoted.

  • Revocable Trust, $600.
  • Will, $200.
  • Durable Power of Attorney For Property Management, $200.
  • Advanced Heath Care Directive, $200.
  • Deed for California real property, $200 each.
  • Certificate of Trust, $200.
  • Declaration of Trust Ownership of Personal Property, $200.
  • Comprehensive Transfer Document, $200.
  • Excluding a revocable trust, any combination of two from above, $300.
  • Excluding a revocable trust, any combination of three from above, $400.
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What the clients are saying:

Thank you, Brett, for helping us create an Estate Plan for our family. Though we are younger, creating a Trust and Will was important to us because we wanted to make sure our young children are taken care of should something happen to us. It is not easy to make decisions for the future whether short or long term. The plan you created gives us peace of mind that our wishes will be met no matter how life unfolds.

Anne & Caleb

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